Intelligent Commercial Spaceflight

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We translate your entrepreneurial approach to NASA requirements

Business Overview

We have considerable experience in orbital dynamics and flight design. We are currently researching proximity operations with small, non-cooperative objects in space and what data can be collected from a nearby object in space. We are certified as a Small Emerging Business and a Veteran Owned Business. We are also very experienced at submitting proposals for NASA and DARPA research - proposals under the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) as well as NASA Research Announcement (NRA). Also submitting proposals to DARPA Broad Area Announcements. We can help you get on NSPIRES and navigate that complex process.

Line of Business

Government > Federal Government

Products And Services

Since 1978 we have been a part of the US space and tracking community and have expertise in mission analysis, rendezvous and proximity operations, and mission operations. We build NASA-standard mission timelines, crew procedures, crew documentation, flight controller documentation. We also have expertise at submitting NASA and DoD (DARPA) research proposals and are available to help organizations navigate that process.

Additional Information

Intelligent Commercial Spaceflight is a team of well respected people that specialize in translating between the growing commercial spaceflight industry and the existing government infrastructure.


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